With California’s extended drought there have been precious few chances to capture the beauty of the Topa Topa mountains dusted in snow. The chance came this¬†week after 2.5 inches of rain fell in Thousand Oaks and much more in the mountains.

The snow usually melts quickly, so I made sure I got to my viewpoint by mid-morning. Unfortunately, clouds obscured some of the snowy peaks but I took several shots and selected a favorite. I thought that was that. Then I returned a day later with my grand daughter, not expecting much to be left. But there was. And while she was busy taking photos herself, I wandered around and found alternate perspectives.

The result is two images taken two days apart. One shows the northern part of the city against the backdrop of the mountains. The other, by virtue of shooting from a lower angle and using a tighter composition, essentially erases the city.

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