I’m Jim Bass, the photographer who publishes this website. I’ve lived in many places including Europe, suburban Maryland, Miami, Denver, Montgomery Alabama and New York City. In 1987, my wife and two kids and I moved to Thousand Oaks. And although it’s been nearly 28 years, we still marvel at how lucky we are to live in Ventura county.

The climate, the mountains, the beaches, the farmland just minutes from where we live…few places offer such variety and good feeling.

When a photographer loves something, he loves to photograph it. A lot. What you see in these image galleries reflects that affection. As a general assignment photographer, I travel all over the county. Many of the images here were taken either coming or going to a photo shoot (which accounts for some of the curious file names).

These images are being used by clients who put them on websites, political mailers, debit cards, brochures or their office walls. It’s always fun to see them being put to use.

If you need something photographed, you can reach me at my primary website: BassImages.com


Jim Bass

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