On September 16th, 2016 at 3:43 am, the full moon was in place to illuminate the Ventura coast near the pier and surfer’s point. I marked the date on my Google calendar, dragged myself out of bed and drove to the beach. I had an idea what I might find: tide pools among the large stones that line the beach, illuminated by moonlight.

As often happens, the image I visualized wasn’t there to captured. So I checked out what else I might find. And I learned something about sandpipers: they hunt in the dark.

The first image was taken first. The tide pools were not lighting up, but the moon was casting a lovely highlight on the water. The image is probably too abstract to find much demand as a commercial stock photo, but I like it.

The next image shows the moon about ten minutes from setting behind surfer’s point. This the one that made me go “ooh” when I saw it.

The other skyline shot surprised me when I saw the star trails. The city lights look like a blaze. And finally, there’s the pier at just before dawn. I’d bet there a few hundred of these floating around. This is mine.

You can find these images in Scenics/Seascapes

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